Eingotthafen's Last Stand(complete post)

The group returned in time to plan how to use their resources to best defend Eingotthafen. They spoke with the leaders of the village’s defenses and the plan was to challenge Festung Ravenna’s leaders to combat. If that didn’t work, the group would then be out on one of the gates, defending it from whatever would be thrown at it.

The next morning, the emmissaries came to the gate and demanded the village turn over the ones who stole from the King. The group laughed, issued their challenge and waited. The emmissarry was not pleased and let them know that the King would raze Ravenna to the ground, sparing no one.

The forces attacking them had Human barbarians, half-orcs, winter wolves, wargs, massive hairy elephants, ogres and hill giants. Not to mention whatever magical forces the Barbarian King had at his disposal. The attackers outnumbered the village’s forces 3 to 1, but due to the strenght of the individual attacker, it was estimated to be a 5 to 1 advantage.

The attack began in earnest and the group stationed themselves on one of the stone walls Ven Poole created in front of the 2 city gates. They quickly realized that the enemy had catapults and mangonels, which would make short work of the village walls. The village also had no ranged weapons to respond. So, they took to flinging magic at the seige engines and detroyed half of them from afar. The other half were protected from magic, so they had to dimension door, via spells from Aziz, to break them up via good old fashioned manpower.

Once they accomplished this, they retreated back to the walls and waited. They took care of one gate, while Gujek and the city’s magic defenses took care of the other gate. After several hours, the village repeled the invaders first attack.

Hours went by and it was obvious the attackers would wait until night or possibly the morning.

Corvis took beast shape as a bat, and flew out into the night to spy on the invaders. He saw the tail end of a small, but extremely deadly force headed towards the castle. While they were moving, the attack began anew, but this time the attackers split all their strength to attack each gate only. The rest of the group meant to stay at one gate to defend it from the horde. However, the small attack force, consisting of a handful of hill giants, ogres, winter wolves, half-orc barbarians and the generals and lieutenants themselves, managed to sneak up to the wall under cover of darkness, in between the 2 gates and cast magic to pass through the walls! The walls were breached with a magical hole and the dealdy attack force started to lay waste to the village defenders. The village would be lost in a matter of minutes!

Corvis, outside the walls, was noticed by a sorcerer who enlisted one of the hill giants to help attack Corvis. Apparently, his identity was uncovered. Corvis changed back to his human form and summoned a demon. The demon and the Hill Giant fought mightily and in the end, destroyed each other. Corvis met the enemy sorcerer in a duel and handled him easily. He headed back to the village.

The rest of the group rushed to the breached wall and found themselves hard pressed against the elite attack force. The group was outnumbered 3 or more to 1. The village general and the best of the defending army came to help the group. Grog took a life-ending wound, if he were to be left unattended, but the clerics of the One God were able to revive him. Hill Giants died, several wooly mammoths died, winter wolves were blasted with fire and the General was defeated with the pooled resources of the group and the best village defenders.

The army was beaten back at the gates as well and the attackers were routed. The defenders sallied forth to harry the enemy and nip at their heels, making sure they ran back to their fort like the slinking curs they were….

The group had won the day for Eingottehafen. The enemy would not attack them anymore. The One God was pleased. Discussions turned to what was next for the group. Where would they go? They had no clues, hints or even hunches on where to find the last 3 masks. They spoke with Kurion via his clerics, they consulted with Gujek and wracked their brains. Gujek informed them that in some of his readings, there were some very old and wise High Elves to the east of the Waste of Kurios and the Daggers of Khasa. These elves were very secretive, yet powerful and knowledgeable. It was decided to find them, somehow. The group felt that the inhabitants of Lamashtu (the Tiefling City) would know how to reach the High Elves.

They teleported from Eingottehafen to Lamashtu. Once there, they consulted with the Seers and Oracles. They found their answer with the caretaker of the Teleportation Portals of Lamashtu, Rechava’am Temani. The Half-Orc Tiefling informed the group that he has an old book of portal patterns long forgotten. He said there were many that went to places unknown and were labeled dangerous. He and his people do not feel comfortable exploring those places. He also had some that were labeled as places that were felt to be not in existence anymore. The High Elven Enclave was one such place.

He set the portal’s pattern in the sand and wished the group good-luck. He said he would ring the bell ahead of time, as was custom, so that whomever lived on the otherside would know you were not invaders and meant no harm.

They iniatiated the portal activation spell and they were immediately sent into “The Ways”. The pathways looked more decrepit than before. It was almost as if the place was unraveling. The darkness was harder to penetrate and light seemed much more dim.

The group hurried on their way, with the pathway lit before them. 2 days passed and they started to feel a wind on their faces. 4 hours passed and another waystation found, when they started to hear the gibbering/slavering/wailing/screaming. They hurried forward. Another waystation and they could now see a darkness growing behind them. They pushed forward as fast as they could and another waystation became visible. The massive, roiling blackness which emitted one of the most awful cacophony raced towards them. The group realized they would not be able to outrun it as their destination was not visible, yet.

They decided to turn and fight. Aziz grabbed one of his explosive devices from “Europa”, pulled the metal pin and threw it at the mass. It exploded in a concussive, fiery force. The blackness shrieked, retreated for a bit. It may have even shrunk a bit! Unfortunately, it gathered itself and charged the group….

Eingotthafen's Last Stand(complete post)

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