The Kurion Cycle

Eingotthafen's Last Stand

The group returned in time to plan how to use their resources to best defend Eingotthafen. They spoke with the leaders of the village’s defenses and the plan was to challenge Festung Ravenna’s leaders to combat. If that didn’t work, the group would then be out on one of the gates, defending it from whatever would be thrown at it.

The next morning, the emmissaries came to the gate and demanded the village turn over the ones who stole from the King. The group laughed, issued their challenge and waited. The emmissarry was not pleased and let them know that the King would raze Ravenna to the ground, sparing no one.

The forces attacking them had Human barbarians, half-orcs, winter wolves, wargs, massive hairy elephants, ogres and hill giants. Not to mention whatever magical forces the Barbarian King had at his disposal. The attackers outnumbered the village’s forces 3 to 1, but due to the strenght of the individual attacker, it was estimated to be a 5 to 1 advantage.

Eingotthafen’s Last Stand(complete post)



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