The Kurion Cycle

Eingotthafen's Last Stand

The group returned in time to plan how to use their resources to best defend Eingotthafen. They spoke with the leaders of the village’s defenses and the plan was to challenge Festung Ravenna’s leaders to combat. If that didn’t work, the group would then be out on one of the gates, defending it from whatever would be thrown at it.

The next morning, the emmissaries came to the gate and demanded the village turn over the ones who stole from the King. The group laughed, issued their challenge and waited. The emmissarry was not pleased and let them know that the King would raze Ravenna to the ground, sparing no one.

The forces attacking them had Human barbarians, half-orcs, winter wolves, wargs, massive hairy elephants, ogres and hill giants. Not to mention whatever magical forces the Barbarian King had at his disposal. The attackers outnumbered the village’s forces 3 to 1, but due to the strenght of the individual attacker, it was estimated to be a 5 to 1 advantage.

Eingotthafen’s Last Stand(complete post)

To Save the White Man....

After Corvis was kidnapped, the rest of the adventurers teleported back to Eingottehafen and regrouped.

By early morning, the group still hadn’t finalized what they would do: 1) Attempt to rescue Corvis immediately or 2) Defend the village and then go get Corvis.

The emissary returned and announced that he knew the gem was not in the village and changed Theodric’s demands. Theodric wanted the group of adventurers that stole the gem from him, tomorrow morning, or the battle would happen in earnest. All the fighting age men would be killed. The women would be raped and killed and the children would be taken as slaves if the demands were not met.

Saving Sorcerer Corvis(complete post)

In Eingottehafen's Defense....

The group, minus Grog, came back to Eingotthafen, via teleportation, after lifting the Curse of Wewelsfleth. They entered a city beseiged.

The only blacksmith capable of working Titanium was also liberated from the Curse and brought to Eingotthafen to make the must-have Titanium box to shut off the power of the Gem. The Gem was ruining the group’s efforts to teleport and in order to find the rest of the masks, they had to be able to reach the 4 corners of the world. She was set to work on the box and the adventurers met with the leaders of Eingotthafen to decide on how best to use their resources to defend Eingotthafen.

Grog was left to run back to the city from Wewelsfleth on his own, as he carried the Gem. He understood the perils but he and the group felt he was best suited to the task. He can run like the wind and is best able to handle encounters centered in a mobile anti-magic zone.

In Defense of Eingottehafen (complete post)

Kurios's Tears

The Group wandered around Eingotthafen in a daze. The city was in shock, people were dead and dying and the group felt responsible for the carnage. If only they had acted quickly, most of the fatalities could have been avoided.

It didn’t take the villagefolk much time to come to the same conclusion. After a period of murmuring and furtive looks towards the adventurers, some of the Northmen developed enough courage to speak out against the group. How could these people be sent by Kurion? It would seem Nathas had sent them! The odd group needed to go, get away from the city and never come back. The evil that has befallen the village soon after the group arrived had to have come from them! They did NOTHING to stop the vilness. They just helped themselves.

This was voiced by a few, but they were quickly calmed down by the Hauptling and cooler heads prevailed. The Hauptling(Burchadus Guotmann) knew the group would come in handy when the army of der Ostrogoths attacked next. He asked for time to let his people cool off. Perhaps he could help the adventurers get to Wewelsfleth? Buchardus informed them he had some excellent scouts/hunters who could guide the group to Wewelsfleth. In return, he asked for help in fortifying the town in preparation for the expected Ostragothian attack.

Ven Poole and Tristan throw their efforts into fortifying the walls with magic and materials….

Kurios’s Tears (complete post)

"Mine" Kampf

The group had fought their way into the mines below EinGottHafen. The first 2 levels were the Salt and Copper mines. These levels still had the people of EinGottHafen working and patrolling. However, gold was the ore present in the 3rd level of the town’s mines and no townsfolk dared to walk in its confines. The Drow regularly raided into the gold mines and many a townsfolk died trying to work and/or defend this mine.

The group met with token resistance from the Drow in the Gold Mines, as they didn’t feel the townsfolk would venture this deep anymore. In fact, the townsfolk last set foot in the Gold Mines around 9 months prior. The Drow melted away in front of the group and peppered them with occasional arrows, possibly in an attempt to slow them down…

Mine Kampf (complete post)

A Beginning

In a land……far, far away…..or possibly far, far in the past…..or possibly far, far in the future….let me start over….

It was 5138 s.e. {secundum effrego – after the breaking. Or in an alternate universe -11/10/2010}

In the land of the Sheinaran Empire four newfound friends met in a small sea-side fort, Doab Hold. Corvis, an albino Human Sorcerer with a hint of the demonic; Grog, a Half-Orc Barbarian with a surprisingly keen mind; Narbonil, an Elven Rogue who never met a treasure he couldn’t acquire and Stonehewer, a Dwarven Cleric of the lessor god Indumal with an appetite for dwarven spirits; these four made an odd fellowship. Fate sometimes necessitates such as this. With visions of glory the foursome left the limiting fort and started north towards the major southern Sheinaran city of Arnesh. The road was still patrolled by some of Sheinar’s soldiers but had become increasingly dangerous over the years. It was not uncommon for disappearances along the road, especially for the unwary or for those foolish enough to stray from the road.

The group made good time and had not encountered anything out of the ordinary until they were a day’s walk from Arnesh. Sounds of a small battle called to them from the other side of a rise. The crude map the group possessed showed a crossroads just over the hill.

A Beginning (complete post)


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